The Workshops

La Cambalacha works for “Social Integration through Creative Expression”, providing workshops and technical support for creative initiatives.

We have five free participation programs:

Cambalacha en tu Barrio (Cambalacha in your Neighbourhood) - Workshops, parades and murals in the street and other public spaces; this program has reached thousands of children from the region.

Katok Pa´(Come In) - Anyone can organize a group and solicit a schedule for classes or rehearsals; La Cambalacha provides the space, technical support and teachers.

Jóvenes Arco Iris (Rainbow Youth) - Our more advanced participants receive scholarships to work as assistant facilitators and attend all teachers' training and artistic formation workshops.

Tardes de Creatividad y Amistad (Afternoons of Creativity and Friendship) - Integrated arts workshops open to all children aged 7-15.

Niñ@s Arco Iris (Rainbow Children) - More committed students receive scholarships for a rigorous arts formation, producing performances that have been attended by thousands of spectators from neighboring communities.


Over 200 volunteers from
Guatemala, Chile, Australia,
Argentina, France, Canada, Panama,
Ireland, Israel, Colombia, Uruguay, Germany, Mexico,
Spain, United States, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland,
England, Scotland, Korea and Japan have taught workshops in theatre, dance, music, yoga, puppeteering, acrobatics,
circus arts, arts and crafts, and much more.


- 120 children, teens and teachers participated in the workshops on a weekly basis.

In 2004, the number of participants more than doubled to 250.

2005 - La Cambalacha worked with 600 participants from San Marcos La Laguna and four neighboring communities.

In 2006 La Cambalacha has reached approximately 3,000 indigenous children and youth, and is well known and solicited by many communities in the region.

La Cambalacha's young artists have made
a significant cultural impact through their performances.

The workshop program has now moved from the initial stage of introducing the concept of expression and participation in the arts to the next stage of artistic formation and - with our more advanced participants - professional artistic production.