Our Vision

Artistic Education and Recreation – more workshops and classes in the creative arts

Performances – local, regional, national and international

Employment – permanent jobs for local families, with opportunities for career progression and training in the arts and other project roles

Self-sustainability - development of small businesses: theatre companies, music production and distribution, educational retreats, and an arts café to host cultural events

Friends Program - for long-term donors committed to the growth of the project

Volunteer Work, Study and Exchange Programs – to further research and systematize our methodology and so facilitate its dissemination to similar projects and communities

We are proving that
our methodology works,
and we want to share it
with other communities.

By 2009, we hope to have enough communities participating to get the Ministry of Education's support for the introduction of an effective low-budget arts program for all public schools in Guatemala.


For La Cambalacha's
continued growth, we need
these essential resources:

For our young apprentices and future teachers of the project, and for our Niñ@s Arcoiris Theater Company to continue their arts training and performing

Especially experienced teachers for street theatre, music, singing, guitar, dance, circus arts, martial arts,
arts and crafts, hip-hop and rap

Musical instruments
Especially guitars and a keyboard for our growing troupe of musicians

Facilities development
Developing spaces in La Cambalacha for more workshops, presentations, productions, communal meals, volunteer accommodation, play areas and more

Materials for developing public spaces

Start-up capital for creative microbusinesses
Arts and crafts, theatre company, music bands, arts cafe...

Digital Projector
To show movies and videos of workshops, as well as short films produced by participants

To continue reaching 3,000 young people each year, we need hard work and funding - the sooner the better.

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