The History of
La Cambalacha

La Cambalacha was founded in 2002 by Gabriela Cordón, a native Guatemalan.

A nationally acclaimed choreographer and performance artist, Gabriela was one of the founding members of the Commission of Contemporary Urban Art in Guatemala City, and a workshop teacher for the highly successful street theatre and social development NGO “Caja Ludica”.

After a decade and a half of teaching and performing, Gabriela chose to close her dance school in the city, Dimensión 8, to work in rural communities for the decentralization of art in Guatemala.

In 2002, Gabriela built La Cambalacha's studio for workshops and shows. She now works as director and teacher for the project.

In its first four years, the project has performed over 50 public presentations of artistic work produced in the workshop programs, 12 original plays, and four cultural exchanges with international organizations.

La Cambalacha has received national
and international support for its workshop programs.